Wednesday, August 09, 2006


"You are more empathic than usual now. Paying attention to your dreams and feelings can provide you with an accurate read. Being open helps to dissolve any barriers. Enjoy your increased sensitivity and nurture yourself as well as others. Activities that involve subtlety, ambiguity, and escape soften your mind and ease the stress."
"You're the cosmic equivalent of an electrical power strip right now -- except it's not appliances that view you as an energy source, it's people. You're the conduit for all different kinds of connections."
Sir Psycho reality:
Wow. It's not everyday you get told that you're the 'cosmic equilavent of an electrical power strip'. The connections they praise me for conducting never happened. Not only that, the electricity credit ran out and we were without electricity for four fucking fours. Whatever happened to the power strip in me, I dunno, but it surely had no effect whatsoever on the appliances. I sat down those four hours pretending to have kinetic powers and sent 'mindwaves' to the fusebox. Nothing happened. Then I rememebred that these morons said that it would be people that will view me as an energy source. So I walked to a friend and tried to sent mental shocks of i-order-you-to-give-me-some-fucking-money-so-i-can-watch-the-weather-woman's-tits-on-television. Nothing. In the end, my housemate just went and got some elec. tickets. It was this gesture of help that made me the most empathic I have felt for a while.
Last night, I dreamt of a chicken crossing the road and walking into a Tesco and strolling in the aisles looking for chicken ribs. You see, I saw from the eyes of the chicken (like first-person) and was only sure of the body I was inhibiting when I saw my reflection in the automatic door as I walked out with one whole chicken breast (even as a chicken I'm horny) and stood before the automatic door. There I was...a chicken. Aware of my new body, I asked myself, 'Why the fuck did I cross the road?' so as to answer the age old question. I also asked myself who was first the bloody chicken or the egg but before I could answer these questions...I woke up; surging with electricity and feeling empathic. I am open now and dealing with the mental trauma by talking to my chicken burgers. They say hi.


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