Saturday, August 12, 2006

New heights

"People bring out the best and the worst in you. Passion surfaces easily-especially where others are concerned. Since extremes are normal now, neutrality is a difficult position to achieve-or to want. Strong preferences exist today, although satisfying them often requires pressure. Uncompromising efforts can create friction. Sometimes you find yourself strongly opposed, and other times, you feel manipulated. Pursue what is truly valuable; let go of the trivial."

"Your powers are greater now than ever. Your determination and sense of focus will take you to great heights. Just remember that your family, your friends and your community deserve some of your attention too."
Sir Psycho Reality:
OK, I'll be frank. I have been sleeping on the streets and sofas of mates for the last two months. I get food every now and then and sometimes I don't even have to pay for it. It's not a bad lifestyle, providing you at least have enough for food. My mate Louie is DJing at a nearby pub called the pub which is full of underage and old idiots who see every Saturday night as an excuse to impress their stupid little girlfriends and wives. I am no four walls of my own, no plate, no glass, no bed...just a little rucksack that has some books and my clothes and a small handtowel. I don't need these shitty readings for anything and that has always been my point when I started writing this journal. There is no fucking cosmic plan and if there is it seems to have forgotten me right now. The people around me are doing me a favour rather than the other way round so I am not being manipulated in any way. People don't bring out the best and worst in me...I do. If you are the sort of moron who reads these readings and goes 'Yeah people really bring out the best and worse in are hopeless and please drop dead right about...NOW. My powers are no where to be seen and the great heights that these wankers refer to is probably that joint I smoked yesterday and I wasn't even focusing back then. I was just smoking you cosmic fuckheads.


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