Monday, August 14, 2006

Pie in the sky

"Effective in conveying who you are and the positions that you stand for, you can communicate ardently-especially when you have something that must be said. With your mind more active than usual, the desire to learn and to know rises. Be selective in the information you process-it is a busy time, and details can slow you down. Seek answers and start with yourself."
"Your pie-in-the-sky mentality is firmly grounded in earthly concerns (and earthy delights) right now. Steady astral influences ensure that you follow your plans through to some kind of resolution."
Sir Psycho Reality:
Fucking pie-in-the-sky. Can't these idiots come up with better metaphors? I've been resolving all week to not write this blog because I can hardly see the fucking point but you know what they say about ending something you I will go on with it. There is no bloody astral influences you douchebags. Details will slow me down so I'm not gonna bother. Arrrrrrrrgghhh


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