Friday, August 11, 2006

Yarbles you Marbles

More sensitive than usual now, you function best in an open environment where dreams and fantasies are encouraged. Be clear in your actions, your words, and especially in your intentions since you can misinterpret what others say or do, or you may be misunderstood. Saying one thing and meaning another creates problems, and details seem less important. You do well to escape and watch a good movie or two, particularly when it is a challenge to distinguish between what is true and what is not."
"Are you eating because you're hungry, or are you noshing because it's a good way to distract yourself from what's really going on? Food should be appreciated, but it shouldn't be used as a way to avoid emotions."
Sir Psycho Reality:
Well, as you can see, the whore-er-scope reading says that I may be misunderstood today or may misinterpret something myself. So I will put down the right words, with the right intention that will maybe capture the essence of this reading and what is true/false; here goes....ready?....BOLLOCKS. My yarbles.
As for eating to suppress my emotions...well, I'm afraid I'll have to rewind and say BOLLOCKS to that as well. I don't have enough money to get a fucking cheeseburger right the hell will I have enough to distract myself/avoid my emotions? Yarbles.


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