Monday, August 07, 2006


"By facing up to certain concerns, you get the results you desire-particularly when you focus on the important stuff. What you do has purpose, and you are driven to reach a goal that is realistic. Raising issues with parents, as a parent, or with authorities in general can be worthwhile since you present a convincing position. Use this time to define yourself and your life in a meaningful way, no matter how small. Take the lead where it matters."
"A close friend or loved one has been more difficult than usual. Fussing over who is right just makes things unnecessarily difficult. Your peace of mind is more important. It's time to change your tactics."
Sir Psycho Reality:
What I hate more than a hororscope that tells you nothing is a hororscope reading that tells you something that is as wide as Jade Goody's waist. These fuckwits have a habit of pointing the finger in a direction and suggesting that you take the lead because something will happen. Well, duh. Of course, something will happen no matter you stay stationary, go to a strip-bar or eat burgers all day playing video-games. Something's gotta give. These tarot- bastards are suggesting that that I have a convincing position today in dealing with my parents. Really? What about tomorrow? Do you think they would go mad tomorrow? Do you think this position of on-the-top will turn to doggystyle tomorrow? Fuck knows. Not them. And as for changing my tactics, what the fuck is all that about? One of them says that I have a realistic goal and convincing position and the other says that I should not fuss over because my peace of mind is more important. Jesus. No wonder people are addicted to these tells them that the cosmic universe is running for their fat asses and that they should use this time to define themselves, no matter how small. What this results in is a confident News-presenter whacking away in a studio toilet pretending (defining) that his job is of immense importance and Judy to act up on her dog's bollocks syndrome ("just because I can") by eating pie after pie and content with the self-assesment that no matter how small her soul and how big her tummy, at least she's still got that dickhead Richard humming around. The twat.

As is evident from Zidane's 'biorhythm' on the day of the World cup final 2006, he was supposed to have a downward streak of emotion which as we all know got the better of the French loony. But what my question is that how come, with his physical and intellectual waves showing a recordable up-bend, he didn't have the brains to stop himself from throwing the world-cup? Sanglant triste!! (and a little merde as well)


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